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RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound)

(Code: RupesGreen250)
size : 250 ml
£ 13.99
 RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound)Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound)

RUPES Quarz Gloss (Medium Gel Compound) is a moderately abrasive water-based gel that removes deeper paint defects, including fine scratches, light oxidation and brush-inflicted swirl marks. It can also comfortably remove a 2500 grit sanding haze, making it ideal for refining duties after minor wetsanding work. It works by using precision-milled aluminium oxide particles to cut away a thin layer of paint. Long lasting lubricants maximise its working time, while its filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary.
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