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Bramley Bubble Bath (250ml)

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Bramley Bubble Bath (250ml)

Bramley Bubble Bath is an ultraconcentrated, pH neutral, LSP safe formulation. Orchard Shampoo is dilutable up to and beyond 2000:1 for handwashing applications.Bramley Bubble Bathcontains a potent blend of ionic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants to dissolve oily and greasy soils and release particulate matter. Anti-redeposition agents ensure that soils liberated into the wash solution are isolated and unable to redeposit and form new bonds to the paint surface. Advanced anti-mar additives are incorporated intoBramley Bubble Bathto ensure the surface is protected from abrasion induced damage from wash media.Bramley Bubble Bathis free from persistent, film forming agents which remain attached to the surface after rinsing. This ensures that any LSP is left uncontaminated so that high performance LSPs are able to perform as intended and their superior characteristics are not compromised. As an added bonus,Bramley Bubble Bathis thus suitable for use on matt and vinyl finishes where the absence of cheap gloss enhancing residues can degrade appearance and lead to long term damage of the finish.


Bramley Bubble Bathshould be used at dilutions of approximately 2000:1. In a 15L wash bucket, this corresponds to approximately 7.5ml of Shampoo (4 pumps of the dispense). We recommend the use of warm water to maximise performance. In hard water areas, stronger wash solutions may be beneficial.Bramley Bubble Bathhas been specifically formulated to be LSP safe and we havenot observed notable degradation, even at 10 times the recommended dilution.