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Britemax Extreme Elements 473ml

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Britemax Extreme Elements 473ml
Extreme Elements

Extreme Elements is a super durable resin polymer cream sealant, used to
protect against acid rain, bird droppings, salt water and arid climates. Seals
with optical clarity and adds a depth of shine and warmth to painted finishes.
Extreme Elements can be applied in direct sunlight and provides unparalleled
durability and excellent UV protection to painted surfaces, wheels, glass and
polished metals. Due to its high melting point, Extreme Elements will not soften
and gather debris in hot climates. Multiple applications create a deeper shine
with increased durability.


Beautiful Shine
Long lasting protection
Auto, 4x4, motorbike & marine applications
Blocks UV
Resists acid rain & salt water
Can be used in direct sunlight