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Britemax Spray and Shine 709ml

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Britemax Spray and Shine 709ml
Spray & Shine

Spray & Shine is among our best selling products. Fortified with wax it offers a
quick and easy application to create a beautiful ‘wet look’ shine on all painted
surfaces, clear-coats, plastics and metals. True wax components will not leave
streaking after it has dried. Cleans chrome quickly and can be used on glass.
Unlike silicone based products, this product leaves the surface anti-static so
dust is not attracted to the surface. Perfect for spot washing, it safely removes
dust, mild road grime, fingerprints & water spots, Can also be used as both a
clay lube and drying aid. Spray & Shine does not contain freely atomized
silicone so it can be used in a body shop environment. Spray & Shine provides
noticeable durability versus other spray wax products.


Leaves a ‘Wet Look’ shine
Removes dust, fingerprints & water spots
Anti-static - repels dust
Anti-streak - works as a drying aid
Perfect for spot washing
Body shop safe - no silicone