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Collinite 476s (9 fl oz)

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Collinite 476s (9 fl oz)

Collinite No.476S Super Double Coat wax  is the permanent car wax.

Without doubt Collinite 476 is the most durable car wax we have come across. It doesn't smell great but once you see just how good the results are and how easy to apply you will forgive it that. Buffing of is also childs play and the results look absolutely stunning. It adds depth to solid colours whilst not muting the flake on metallics.

Super Double coat paste wax #476 is a Carnauba based wax packaged in a tin that looks like it belongs in the 50's. Don't let that fool you though this is one of the finest waxes on the market. It is a true paste wax and contains absolutly no cleaners so by applying multiple thin layers you leave a finish which is more durable than not just any wax, but just about any sealant on the market.

Infact Collinite #476 is so durable that the manufacture claims one application will last a full 12 months come rain, snow and sun! This is the it's true forte. Somehow Collinite have managed to manufacture a wax so extremely durable it  becomes the ideal choice all year round protection.All this makes Super Doublecoat #476s a very popular choice for winter, throwing off the worst weather with ease.

•Wet clear finish
•Carnauba based paste wax
•No cleaners
•Very very durable (the most durable car wax on the planet?)

9 Fl. Ounces