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Glitz High Gloss Tyre Dressing (500 ml)

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Glitz High Gloss Tyre Dressing (500 ml)


Glitz High Gloss Solvent Dressing is a highly active, polymer siloxane coating using a customised solvent carrier. This ensures that the coating can be spread and has adequate time to adhere but insufficient that it will result in troublesome ‘fling’. The coating itself is highly glossy when first applied and will gradually become more satin in appearance. Glitz High Gloss Solvent Dressing is suitable for use on both tyres and trims.

Directions for use:

Surfaces should be free from dirt and undesirable contamination and should be totally dry. On tyres it is especially important to use a strong cleaner to ensure cleanliness. Application of the product should be carried out using a foam applicator or alternatively a foam sponge. For frequently dressed tyres, a thin and sparing application is ideal. For infrequently dressed tyres, it may be necessary to apply several layers to achieve the desired gloss.

Durability depends upon road and atmospheric conditions. In dry conditions, several months durability is possible. In wet conditions, durability will vary between 2 weeks and a month before re-application is required. To maintain the appearance, the tyre surface should not be cleaned with any strong cleaning products.