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Not only is this Hydrophobe a superb window cleaner but it is also an incredibly easy to use hydrophobing agent for glass. The blend of solvents, surfactant and builders ensures that particulate and oily matter are easily removed from glass surfaces. Hydrophobe bonds incredibly rapidly to the glass surface meaning that application is as easy as spray and wipe. Glass surfaces will immediately take on a hydrophobic character meaning that any water contacting the surface will be repelled, forming a droplet which can then run off, particularly when a vehicle is in motion where the airflow literally sucks the water off the screen. As a result, use ofthis product dramatically reduces and even eliminates the need for windscreen wipers. In addition to this, the effect is long lasting and can last months before the hydrophobic character is lost.


Application is remarkably easy. works great on wet glass, simply spray on ensuring total coverage, leave for a few seconds and hose off, it's as simple as that. if screen is dry, simply spray on again ensuring total coverage and leave for a few seconds before rinsing off.. Hydrophobe may also be used as a screenwash additive. For summertime use, dilution to 20% is adequate whilst in winter (to approx -5C) the product should be used as supplied.