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Iron Cleanse (500ml)

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Iron Cleanse (500ml)Iron Cleanse is a highly specialised product which specifically targets rust iron residues. Iron Cleanse works because the residues are more strongly attracted to the product than they are to the surface. As the Iron particles are dissolved into the Iron Cleanse, there is a characteristic change of colour. When finished, the Iron Cleanse and dissolved iron can be washed away with water. Iron Cleanse is water based and contains no harmful solvents designed to produce paint swelling.

Iron Cleanse contains advanced thickening agents to provide the ideal spray behaviour. Iron Cleanse sprays easily, like a liquid,but sticks like a gel. Liquid ‘run-off’ is much reduced and there is no ‘jetting’ as is characteristic of gels. The result is increased contact time, even on vertical surfaces and decreased product usage.


  • Quickly and safely dissolves rusty iron residue
  • Colour change to indicate removal of residues
  • Ph neutral
  • Contains no acids, alkalis, oxidising agents or harmful solvents
  • 100% Ammonium free

Directions - How to use this Product:

1. Shake well before use

2. Apply Iron Cleanse once you have washed the wheels and bodywork. Apply by spray ensuring even coverage

3. Leave for approximately 5 minutes to react

4. Rinse using a hose or pressure washer