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Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound)

(Code: RupesYellow250)
size : 250 ml
£ 13.99
Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound)Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound)

RUPES Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound) is fast becoming one of our favourite finishing polishes. Why? Firstly, because its cut and gloss characteristics make it ideal for removing wash marring and faint swirl marks on all paint types. Secondly, because its filler-free formula also makes it a great choice of finishing polish for refining out holograms after compounding with wool. Thirdly, because it's really easy to use, produces very little dust, and leaves paint feeling incredibly smooth. These latter points should not be overlooked, as they make RUPES Keramik Gloss (Fine Gel Compound) a joy to use.
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