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Poorboy's World Bug Squash

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Poorboy's World Bug Squash


Poorboys World Bug Squash is one of our favourite Bug/Tar Removers & Pre-Wash formulas'.

Poorboys World Bug Squash is an intensive cleaner that breaks up bug splatter, tar, sand, and road grime with little or no scrubbing. Most importantly, it works quickly to remove bugs before their organic acids eat into your paint. Likewise, Bug Squash removes road salt to prevent oxidation and corrosion of your paint finish.

It’s always best to remove sticky contaminants as soon as they happen, before they bake in the sun. Poorboys World Bug Squash is a fast, safe, and easy way to remove bug debris, tar, road grime, winter salt and sand from car, trucks, motorcycles, planes, boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Poorboy's Bug Squash is safe on glass, clear coats, paint, aluminium, plastic, vinyl, and more! Poorboy’s Bug Squash is a great product to have on your boat. If you store your boat in or near the water, you’ve probably encountered bird droppings on your vinyl seats more than once. Bug Squash is a quick solution. Just spray and wipe! It beats hosing down the boat right before you’re ready to set sail.

Directions: For immediate cleaning, dilute Bug Squash 3:1 (water:cleaner). For older sticky spots, use the cleaner undiluted. As a pre-cleaner, spray all the problem areas and then wash your vehicle as usual.

Poorboys World Bug Squash packs the extra punch to loosen stubborn contaminants.