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Poorboy's World Chenille Wash Mitt

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Poorboy's World Chenille Wash Mitt


The Poorboys World Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt is an extra soft mitt that will give your car a swirl-free wash. 

The mitts have been custom-made to the high demands of the guys at Poorboys World and are far superior to a normal wash mitt. The Poorboys World Wash Mitt has a soft cuff to prevent marring, a well-sewn inside liner, and is made of microfibre chenille to safely and quickly remove dirt from the surface of vehicles.

If you're looking for a great value high quality mitt to wash your car then we definitely recommend the Poorboys Wash Mitt. Used alongside Poorboys Super Slick and Suds Shampoo gives a superb washing combo.

Each was mitt is individually wrapped as shown.

Size: 280mm x 200mm

Sometimes these will be of a different colour, orange, blue, pink, purple just depends whats available.