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Poorboy's World Natty's Paste Wax Red

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Poorboy's World Natty's Paste Wax Red

For those of you Natty's & carnauba wax fans, Poorboy’s World have created a Limited Edition Natty's Red Paste Wax.

You can now have the whole Natty's collection in Red, White and Blue. Natty's Red Wax is a special formulation to enhance any colour finish with depth, gloss, wetness, and slickness not seen in any other wax. It still has the Natty's easy on and easy off characteristics, as well as the Poorboy's incredible and irresistible scent of Wild Strawberry.

Natty’s Paste Wax Red is a high quality car wax without the high price typically associated with Carnauba waxes. Patented UV light absorbers keep your paint fresh and protected throughout the life of the wax. You can also apply additional layers to increase the depth and glimmer.

To increase the longevity of the protection, Poorboy’s recommends using Natty’s over a paint sealant. By layering Natty's Blue over a sealant like EX or EX-P will add another layer of protection to your car while also adding the richness of Carnauba.

Sizes available: 8oz (236ml)