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Race Glaze Signature Pre Wax Cut & Cleanse (250ml)

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Race Glaze Signature Pre Wax Cut & Cleanse (250ml)

One step swirl remover & paint cleanser, with medium grade diminishing abrasives. Similar cut to Menzerna 85RE. Removes light to medium swirls & oxidation by hand or DA. Revives and restores faded paintwork of all types. Go straight to waxing.

  • Excellent paint colour restoration capability
  • Removes oxidation safely
  • Oily product glides on easily, buffs off without fuss even in direct sunlight
  • Removes light swirls permanently, doesn't fill them                                     
  • Ensures surface ready to for wax - a true 'one-step' product
  • Saves times & money over using separate products
  • Should treat average 4 cars
  • Recommended for less than pristine surfaces prior to use of all Signature waxes


By hand:
Spread evenly on dry foam or microfibre/cotton pad, applying to paintwork in straight lines with light pressure initially. Increase pressure over approx. 60cm squares. Buff off when clear to check results, repeat as necessary.

By DA Polisher:
Load pad evenly, speed 1-2 initially, work with medium pressure at speed 5, final finish on speed 6. Apply wax.