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Renovo Canvas Cleaner (500ml)

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Renovo Canvas Cleaner (500ml)

Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner (500ml) is an effective liquid cleaner that will gently remove dirt, mould, tree sap and bird droppings from all fabric tops and boat covers. It contains a fungicide. It is recommended as the first step to reviving your hood Clean, Revive and Ultraproof.

Prior to application, gently brush the surface to remove any loose dirt. Shake the bottle well, pour into a suitable container and spread a thin, even coat over the surface with a sponge, 2" inch nylon paint brush or disposable foam brush. Gently agitate the cleaner with a soft bristle brush, sponge or cloth. Stubborn stains may require the cleaner to remain on the top for approximately 30 minutes and gentle scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. Be careful not to allow any brush to come in contact with the plastic window as it may scratch. To remove the cleaner, either hose off or wipe off with a wet sponge or cloth, continually rinsing the cloth/sponge in clean water. Make sure that all traces of the cleaner are removed, then allow the top to dry completely before applying Fabric Soft Top Reviver or Fabric Soft Top Ultra Proofer.