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Road 'n Track Carnauba Wax

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Road 'n Track Carnauba Wax  


Valentine's Wax Road and Track Carnauba

The road and track had now been updated, the wax is now a light purple colour with a lavender scent.


Valentine's Road 'n Track Carnauba wax (*NEW & IMPROVED RECIPE FOR 2016*)

comes in a 250 gm jar. This wax  is designed for a long, hard life on road or track. Tough and very long lasting. Provides the same superb deep gloss finish as our famous Concours Carnauba - but this new wax is much less costly.

* Designed for everyday use on road or track
* Tough, long-lasting, very economical - 50 + applications per jar!
* Very quick and easy to apply and polish off
* No powdery residue, won't stain plastic trim
* Deepest wet look finish, great beading
* Money-back Guarantee

Comes with hand Applicator pad and  Valentine's Waxing Manual with tips from professionals on car detailing