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RUPES BigFoot LH 19E

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RUPES BigFoot LH 19E

RUPES BigFoot LH 19E - A Rotary That Works At Low Speeds!


Rotary machines typically have faster speed settings when compared with dual action polishers. Whilst this allows for enhanced cutting ability, it can be overly aggressive for more sensitive detailing jobs. This often results in two machine polishers being required, one rotary and one dual action in order to complete one job. However, the RUPES BigFoot LH 19E changes that.

The BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher features a high torque, compact design in a lightweight housing. This makes it one of the most capable and manoeuvrable rotary polishers available and is suitable for use in a variety of applications including automotive and marine.

The BigFoot LH19E Deluxe Edition Kit is a complete system, comprising of three polishing pads and three compounds, all designed to work together, in perfect harmony to complete even the most challenging of detailing jobs. The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool is a dual use product, one end is a brush for cleaning pads whilst they're still on the polisher, the other acts as a wedge for easier pad removal. Additionally, a BigFoot branded apron is supplied along with a storage bag to keep the kit together.

Kit Contains:

·LH19E Rotary Machine Polisher

·Soft grip side handle

·150mm / 6 inch Backing plate

·Blue Rotary Coarse Compound - 1L

·Yellow Fine Compound - 1L

·White Ultra Fine Compound - 1L

·Blue Foam Coarse Pad - 160mm / 6.5 inch

·Yellow Foam Fine Pad - 160mm / 6.5 inch

·White Foam Ultra Fine Pad - 160mm / 6.5 inch

·4 x Microfibre cloths

·1 x RUPES branded apron

·BigFoot Claw Pad Tool

·BigFoot branded light grey storage bag


The LH 19E is the third generation of double gear reduction rotaries and uses a RUPES-designed 1200 watt motor. In practical terms, this allows the detailer to double the torque (2 to 1 reduction as with a transmission) and double the motor speed, which provides better cooling. At the lowest speed setting, with little pressure on the progressive trigger, the tool can operate effectively as low as (around) 100 RPM.

The Pads:

The polishing pads are new foam formulations that have been developed to work with rotary machines. All three pads are made from open cell foam materials to provide a smooth and comfortable polishing experience while minimising excessive heat build-up. The pad profile helps to prevent accidental contact between the backing plate and the vehicle panel.

Blue Foam Coarse Pad:Aggressive pad for the removal of severe defects and sanding marks

Yellow Foam Fine Pad:Eliminates moderate surface defects and imperfections whilst restoring high gloss

White Foam Ultra Fine Pad:New soft foam technology removes fine imperfections and creates a high gloss finish, particularly when used on a rotary machine on dark paint colours

Features & Benefits:

·Electronic variable speed control allows speed to be adjusted for specific applications

·Speed control ergonomically positioned, with click sensation & larger numbers

·Progressive trigger control - acts as a throttle allowing control within dial range to deliver exact speed

·Extra-long, 9m heavy duty power cord

·Anti-vibration loop handle - better control, grip & stability at different polishing angles

·Soft grip material & ergonomic handle design dissipates vibration, improves operator comfort & protects delicate surfaces

·Soft grip side handle also included with deluxe kit

Technical Specification:

·LH 19E weight: 2.2kg

·Power: 1200 watts

·Dual Speed Controls (trigger & speed dial)

·Spin range: 450 - 1700 rpm

·9m power cord

·Thread size: M14

·Polishing pad size: 125mm / 5 inch, 150mm / 6 inch, 165mm / 6.5 inch