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Valet Pro Contamination Removal Bars

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Valet Pro Contamination Removal Bars
  • Valet Pro Contamination Removal Bars
  • Valet Pro Contamination Removal Bars
  • Valet Pro Contamination Removal Bars

We have three different types of contamination removal bar. Essentially they all do the same thing. They remove bonded contamination from paint surfaces that canít be removed by normal washing. Tar spots, fall out, bonded traffic  film and tree sap. As the bar glides over the paint surface bonded contaminates stick to the bar and are gently removed from the paint work. If your paint work feels rough after washing, try a contamination removal bar and feel the difference. Orange and Yellow can be used with water making them cost efficient. Blue are our most effective bar, designed generally for full detailing work to quickly and effectively remove contamination. Use this bar with Citrus Bling followed by Purple Passion for showroom results.


Prepare paint work to be Clay Bar Ready. Wash thoroughly and dry. Remove tar spots if you have heavy clusters of tar. Rinse and dry. Your paint is now ready for claying. Knead your clay bar to warm and then flatten. Use a clay lube of your choice. Spray an area about a square foot. With your clay bar flattened lay on paint surface covered with clay lube. Glide the bar back and forth until the bar glides cleanly over the surface. Inspect your clay bar for contamination collected. Knead the bar by folding the bar into itself to create a clean bar surface and repeat the process until the whole car is complete. 

Health and Safety:

Skin Contact: Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. Eye Contact: Bath the eye with running water for fifteen minutes. Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Inhalation: Consult a doctor.